Past SPAR Europe and ELMF conferences

SPAR Europe and the European LiDAR Mapping Forum (ELMF) were independently launched in 2010 by two different organisers.

SPAR Europe initially focused on terrestrial Laser Scanning and the European LiDAR Mapping Forum focused on all things LiDAR related. As the technologies developed the two events started to converge and industry encouraged the two organisers to start working together.

SPAR and ELMF co-located in 2013 and continued to run two separate conference programmes but with the added benefit of delegates being able to attend both conferences. An exceptional amount of content was made available over the three days and this will continue with the Capturing Reality Forum where the two events will merge into one and deliver one unique event that focuses on the technologies of laser scanning, LiDAR and 3D data capture and modelling.

To view the conference programmes from 2014 simply select from the options below:

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